I've decided to release my preset pack for sale! I've been working so hard to develop this pack into what it is today and that it was something that I wanted to use and I'm super happy with the stage they're at right now and I think they integrate so well together.

These are the presets that I use for literally all of my portrait photography work as well as all the photos that are on my personal Instagram feed!  Inspired by my love for Scandi culture and style I hope that these presets will become a staple in your portfolio, just like they are in mine!

So without further ado here they are! The Scandi Collection!

1. Copenhagen
A super versatile bright cinematic style! This is my go-to for almost all of my photos so I can testify to how well it works on basically every photo!

2. Oslo
This one is similar to Copenhagen but a tad warmer and slightly more muted but still very pretty

3. Stockholm
A fresh and elegant black and white preset for when you want a bit of a moodier vibe.

As with all presets, simply sticking these on your photos will not instantly give you the finished product, they all need a little tweaking by you for each photo but they're a perfect starting point!

You can purchase the whole collection here for just £9.60 (including VAT)

Let me know your thoughts if you decide to purchase and let me see them in action!

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