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If you haven't heard of SKAM, the hit Norwegian sweeping the world where have you been!?!?!

Skam, or Shame in English, is a drama series focusing on a group of teenagers at a school in Oslo in Norway, the young, diverse cast have been praised for their raw, realistic portrayal of teenage life covering important topics such as, toxic relationships, drugs, alcohol, sexual assault, sexuality, mental illness and Islamophobia. Truly unique in concept, the clips are released as they happen in real time, so if something happens at 12.42 on a Wednesday, the clip will be released at 12.42 on a Wednesday and each of the characters also has their own social media pages that you can follow to get a fully rounded story. It sounds amazing, right? and trust me, IT IS.

Along with the fact that it covers such important topics, the acting is top notch and the chemistry between all of the characters is insane, it's almost as if you're actually watching real life teenagers, in fact, Josefine Frida Pettersen who plays Noora in the show once got accused of actually being Noora while out for drinks with some friends and 17-year old Tarjei Sandvik Moe has just been awarded a Norweigan acting award for his portrayal of Isak.

Another unique aspect of Skam is that each season revolves around a different character, season one was about Eva, season two was about Noora, season three was about Isak and season four which began on Monday will focus on Sana and will also be the last season much to our disappointment.

I assure you that watching Skam will be the single greatest and worst thing you will do because it will consume you. If you can find it that is... Skam being Norweigan is only available to watch on the nrk website, in Norwegian if you live in Norway, So how has the whole world been watching it then I hear you ask, well, some people have been hard at work translating the episodes for those of us who don't understand a word of Norwegian, which you can try and search the archives for, if I've convinced you enough.

Alt er love.

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If you haven't heard of SKAM, the hit Norwegian sweeping the world where have you been!?!?! Skam, or Shame in English, is a dram...

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