Navigating a Belfast summer with Madlug

13 Aug 2018

Summer in Northern Ireland is a funny old thing, some days it'll be sunny and everyone will be at the beach, running into the sea and then the next day the skies will be grey and it's cold and before you know it you're back into your knits and snuggled up into a blanket. This summer has been especially weird though because we actually had a heatwave, and not just any heatwave, a heatwave that lasted for three whole weeks, with not even a single drop of rain resulting in an illegal hosepipe ban. Only in Northern Ireland hey!

With Summer being holiday time seeing as I'm a student there's so much that I got up to this summer both at home and abroad. With the weather being so changeable it's important that you stay prepared for all situations. That's why I always carry my Madlug bag with me everywhere I go. 

Madlug is a Northern Ireland based social enterprise which I have been supporting since their launch in 2015 and have been fortunate enough to be involved with since May of this year. Madlug work with children in care, giving them value, worth, and dignity. there are over 90000 children in the care system in the UK and Ireland, with a new child get's taken into care every 15 minutes, and most of them don't even have a bag to carry their belongings in and are left to transfer all of their belongings in a bin bag. Madlug wants to change that! When you purchase a bag from Madlug a bag is donated to a child in care who doesn't have a bag! They have so many different styles and colours to choose from and the Classic range are all made in Belfast by another social enterprise company who employ people with learning difficulties allowing them to find work. check out all of their amazing work at