Books I Read in February 2021

28 Feb 2021

February is a fun month. It's my birthday month for a start, I just turned twenty-three and I still can't believe I'm not sixteen anymore! I knew I wanted to read some romances this month because you know, Valentine's day and all that! I actually set up a TBR for the first time in my life because I'm normally such a mod reader. It helped that my local library dropped a whole load of new titles on Libby that I was looking forward too so it meant that my pool for books was even greater. I actually don't read a lot of straight-up romances but I'm such a sucker for a romantic subplot and I have been known to openly weep whenever couples finally get together in tv series. However, I feel like this may not have been my best idea ever because I found myself really starting to lag by about the halfway point. I ended up reading six books this month and they were all romances in one way or another. I have some new favourites and some disappointments so let's get stuck right into the lovefest!
girl in white sweater holding a pink book (lovely war by julie berry) and a green book (pride and prejudice by jane austen)

little things bringing me joy lately

23 Feb 2021

This time last year I was at an ice hockey game with my friends at the biggest arena in Belfast and everything was chill but literally, a month later we went into lockdown as things started to spiral quickly out of control. I think if you told any of us that night that a year later we'd still be in lockdown we wouldn't have believed you. I think it's now more important than ever that we're consistently doing things that make us happy because the monotony of life in lockdown coupled with the darkness of winter can really start to take its toll. I thought I'd just share a few things that I've enjoyed recently that have really made the whole staying at home thing a tad more enjoyable.
It's my twenty-third birthday this weekend, and if I'm perfectly honest, I'm not really over being twenty-two. I think because I turned twenty-two just before COVID hit it was a little bittersweet. I got to see my friends, I got to go out for dinner with my family, I got to have a party of sorts, and I brought some cake into uni to celebrate. It was a pretty normal day but little did we know that less than a month later, everything would change. I'm pretty sure whenever Taylor Swift said 'I'm feeling twenty-two' she didn't mean that she was just sitting in the house all day not getting to live life to the full. Yes I feel 'happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time' but my official Taylor Swift birthday is over and what do I have to show for it! Instead of posting a reflective post on everything I've done this year (since it's really not been very much) I thought it would be a fun opportunity for a little q and a with yours truly! A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who contributed to this, I quite literally could not have done it without you. All of their sites are linked with their questions so make sure to check them out and show them some love! So here are twenty-three questions for twenty-three years...

My Current Everyday Makeup Routine

9 Feb 2021

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I don't know about you but I honestly don't wear makeup all that often anymore. I used to wear it every single day for uni but now that I'm not leaving the house ever, essentially the only time I put makeup on is when I'm shooting content. When I was at uni I would literally put makeup on every morning for class but I have a lot less motivation now to get dressed up for Zoom calls unless they're slightly bigger events but who can really be bothered to put a full face of makeup on to go and sit in the makeshift living room office all day. But Some days even in lockdown you want to put a little bit of effort in so this is what I like to do on the days that I can actually be bothered to get properly ready.