I Ordered A Mystery Bundle From Typo

19 Mar 2021

I'd seen Typo flying around and everything always looked so cute so I knew that I needed to make a purchase! If you're unfamiliar Typo is a stationery, gifts and lifestyle brand from Cotton On founded in Australia but now have a big presence in the UK. While scrolling through the website I stumbled across their mystery bundle selection. There are currently six different mystery bundles available ranging from 6 to 8 items and costing between £15 and £20. Their options for mystery bundles are Boredom Busters, Staying In, #StationeryAddicts, Getting Sh*t Done, Self Care, and See Ya 2020. I decided to order a Staying In Mystery bundle which consisted of 7 mystery items for £15 which I honestly thought sounded like an absolute bargain. It also came in like two days which was way quicker than I was expecting so the wait to discover what you'll receive isn't even agonising! So let's move on to the reason that you're all obviously here - what the heck was in my mystery bundle and was it worth the £15? 
This post isn't sponsored or anything, I'm just sharing everything that I got in case you're looking at making a purchase because it's definitely something that I was looking for when deciding which bundle to go for. Everything here is also available to buy individually so I'll leave links to everything below if anything catches ya fancy!

Dice Cushion

This dice cushion I feel is a bit of a Typo staple. It's definitely the sole reason for everything coming in such a huge box. It is a little on the large side but it is the perfect cushion for me to lean against when I'm working on my bed to keep me at a comfortable angle so it's definitely a win although it doesn't really match the aesthetic that I've got going on in my room! This cushion usually costs £15 so we're already at the £15 price point and there are still six more items to go!

Novelty Socks

I'm the biggest fan of novelty socks, you will very rarely find me without fun socks on my feet. It's actually something that my housemate would always comment on every time I emerged downstairs in yet another pair of fun socks. I don't know when this obsession first began but it's been something I've loved for a long long time. Therefore I was incredibly excited to receive not just one, but two pairs of novelty socks. I ended up with these cute puppy socks and these fun duck socks. The dock socks are actually men's ones and so are little big for me but that just adds to the cosy vibes when you're wearing them around the house. Sometimes I can find that socks just aren't comfortable to wear, they may look cute but when it comes to practicality the stitching just becomes itchy and annoying, but as a sock connoisseur I can truthfully say that these socks are very comfy. I can definitely see myself purchasing some more pairs of these! These socks usually cost £6 each.

Relateable Quote Candle

I'm not really much of a candle person, I think it spawns from my mum not letting us light candles in our rooms (something my sister does anyway) but now that I have my own little candle I may actually try and light it and become a candle person. This one is from the Relatable Quotes Candle collection and is No. 4 - The Doing Nothing Candle which has a sweet woods scent, whatever sweet woods is! These candles are £10 each to buy and would definitely make a great gift.

Water Bottle

I'm of the opinion that you can never have enough drinking vessels in your house. I can just imagine how useful this little mini bottle is going to be, especially for bringing to work with me and for my daily walks now that the weather is starting to improve. They work with both hot and cold liquids. Although I do have to say, for a 'staying in' bundle, a flask seems an odd choice no matter how much use I'll get out of it. These flasks usually cost £12.

Metal Straws

I recently made a post all about some of the sustainable swaps that I've made in my shower and these metal straws are perfect for that sustainability journey. I don't use straws all that often, they're reserved for milkshakes and gin and tonic, which are both perfect stay at home drinks if I do say so myself. I've never properly invested in metal straws either so this was a product I was very excited to see in the box and I can see these being very handy for any parties that we get to have in the future (remember parties). There are 4 straws and a cleaner and they usually cost £4!

Friends Calendar

Now, I like Friends as much as the next person but I don't really want a Friends calendar. On top of that, I also don't have a desk right now, I just work at a piano stool on an armchair which started out as temporary has become my norm and I really can't be bothered to change it. That being said, I do think a physical calendar could be good for keeping me in check with work commitments (and it could spur me on to get a desk) but I also have a friend who absolutely LOVES Friends so I may just give this to her as an early birthday gift! It usually costs £6 and also comes with gift vouchers that you can spend at Typo throughout the year.

I'll be honest, when I ordered this I wasn't really thinking about the fact that there could be some sweary things in it that I just personally wouldn't use. I was very fortunate that all the stuff that I got is very PG but if that's not your thing I would be very wary of the fact that some of the stuff you'll get won't be to your tastes! On the whole though I definitely recommend checking out the mystery bundles because they're such great value. I spent £15 (plus £5 shipping) and ended up with £59 worth of stuff! If you're interested in checking out a Typo mystery bundle you can find them all here. What is your favourite Item that I got and which ones could you do without?

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