Books I Read in October 2020

31 Oct 2020

I'm typically not really a Halloweeny person but for some reason this year I decided that October just HAD to be spooky book month (plus the odd cosy and festive pick thrown in there). I had a weird reading month because I definitely read some new all-time faves, I finished up the Diviners series which has hopped it's way right to the top of my list of favourite series of all time but there were also quite a lot of disappointing reads. I also went into a massive reading slump at the end of the month so I definitely didn't get as many books read as I wanted to. On the whole, though I just had the most magical time reading this month and I got through eight books which I'm not mad about.

The Hallotober Tag

28 Oct 2020

Well, this is awfully exciting. This is my first ever tag post so a massive thank you to the lovely Tash over at A Girl With A View for tagging me! You can check her Hallotober Tag post here. I had so much fun delving through my photo archive to find some fun Halloween memories to share.


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some stuff I'm loving right now

22 Oct 2020

Oh hey, I've been a bit slacking on the old blog front lately (I'm blaming it on the new blogger update but really it's just me) so I decided what better way to kick things off again than with a good old fashioned favourites post. I always love doing these posts and it's been a while since my last one (literally back in February before the world shut down) so I thought I was overdue a new one.

What I'm Watching

This is a bit of a rogue choice but I haven't really been watching much on Netflix recently which I must say is very off-brand for me. But I've clearly fallen down some rabbit hole and I'm obsessed with StarKid Productions again. They're probably most famous for their Harry Potter inspired musical series but I'm currently in LOVE with Twisted, which I first watched back when it was released in 2013 but I have a whole new appreciation for now. Twisted is a musical inspired by Disney's Aladdin and the musical Wicked and is told from Jafar's perspective and it is just so well done. All their shows are so well done and so entertaining and are all available to watch for free on YouTube so if you've exhausted the Netflix library and are after something a little different I definitely recommend checking them out. I'm going to be spending my weekend rewatching Holy Musical B@man which is their Batman-inspired musical as well as catching up with the newer shows that I haven't seen yet.

What I'm Reading

Since my last favourites post, I've literally read another 40 books so I had a lot to choose from but I thought I'd just stick to what I'm reading right this second. I'm obsessed with the Diviners Series at the minute but that's not really a surprise since I literally wrote a whole dang post about it so that's put me in a bit of a reading slump but I'm currently working my way through The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes which is the prequel to The Hunger Games trilogy. I'd heard mixed reviews from people about this book but so far I'm enjoying it but that might change by the time I get to the end. I'm just happy to be back in this Hunger Games world that was such a big part of my teenage life. I'm listening to the audiobook which is narrated by Santino Fontana who is the voice of Prince Hans in Frozen which is fun. I actually posted a YouTube video recently about the top 5 books I've read recently so if you're interested you can also check that out here.

What I'm Listening To

This is clearly the posts that outs me as a massive nerd because really all I've been listening to lately is musical soundtracks and cast albums namely, Hadestown, Waitress and the soundtrack to High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Wondering from HSMTMTS is one of my favourite songs of all time and literally does not cease to male me cry every time I hear it. That being said I've also been listening to a lot of Harry Styles and Maisie Peters (her new song with JP Saxe is a BOP) I was actually supposed to be seeing Niall Horan and Maisie Peters in concert this month but unfortunately COVID had other plans.

What I'm Wearing

Usually, this section is reserved for makeup but since I'm literally not going anywhere I haven't bought any new products in such a long time. I did, however, purchase this cardigan (pictured) which I love and wear all the time. Someone actually told me that I had a cottagecore aesthetic while I had this on which is the exact vibe I try to portray so that definitely made my day!

Random Pick

The Chai Latte from Søstrene Grene has been a staple for me over the past few months. My sister actually bought it for me for Christmas but it took me until now to actually try it. I've only got one sachet left though so I'm definitely going to need to pop in and get some more. Søstrene Grene is my favourite shot though so that's not too much of a hardship.
What things have you been loving lately? Anything similar to me or are my choices just really rogue because. I have been told that I have a very niche taste in many things.

Why You Should Read The Diviners

14 Oct 2020

I've just finished the last book in The Diviners series and I needed somewhere to dump my thoughts so I thought this would be the perfect place. This book series took me so by surprise because I would never say that I'm the biggest fan of historical fiction or of scary books but for some reason, this series has managed to worm its way right into my heart and now it's all I want to talk about. Especially now that it's coming up to the spooky season, this is the absolute perfect time to start reading these books (especially the first one).

What's In My Glossybox?

9 Oct 2020

Back in my second year of uni, I decided to treat myself to a Birchbox subscription which at the time I absolutely loved. But I haven't really used a beauty box subscription service since then but when my mobile network VOXI (former partnership) decided to giveaway some codes for a free Glossybox I absolutely did not hesitate and ordered myself a special VOXI x Glossybox box. I love VOXI because not only do I get unlimited social media and video streaming use but the VOXI drops are always exciting because sometimes you can get some really exciting offers (I once got a free jar of Candy Kittens which was DIVINE) but this one I was particularly excited about and I can't wait to show you what's inside.