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28 Oct 2020

Well, this is awfully exciting. This is my first ever tag post so a massive thank you to the lovely Tash over at A Girl With A View for tagging me! You can check her Hallotober Tag post here. I had so much fun delving through my photo archive to find some fun Halloween memories to share.


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1. What’s your favourite thing about October?

Definitely, the fact that the dark and cosy nights are kicking in! I become my truest self when I've got a jumper on.

2. Are you a big celebrator of Halloween?

Honestly, no. Being at uni has kind of made me more into it because we always had a big fancy dress party on Halloween with our Christian Union but I wasn't able to go in my final year because I had an exam the next day which was sad because it was always such a highlight! So I'm not really going to be missing out on too much by not being able to do anything this year.

3. What’s your favourite horror movie?

I haven't seen very many! It's not typically a genre that I go for. I think the only ones I've seen are Coraline, The Hole and The Woman In Black Which I watched in the height of my Harry Potter phase. I think of those three Coraline. is probably my favourite. Unless of course, the Scooby-Doo movies count! That being said I've recently gotten into the Hatchetfield musicals which are comedy-horrors and I'm a tad obsessed. Wiggly is my new favourite villain.

4. Would you rather a cosy night in watching horrors or a big night out in a costume?

I'd always choose a cosy night in over a big night out any day! I'm hoping to finally watch The Nightmare Before Christmas this year because I myself am astounded that I've never seen it! Although I'm 100% planning on watching Scooby-Doo and The Witches Ghost this year because it is my fave! (sorry for mentioning Scooby-Doo yet again it's just a constant in my life).

5. Which has been your most favourite costume to date?

Definitely my Arthur costume from a few years ago I literally put it together at the last minute. I amazon primed myself some little ears and then everything else was just from my (and my housemate's) wardrobe and the overall look turned out so well. I also once went as a jammy dodger which was a LOOK. My granny actually used to stitch us fancy dress costumes when we were younger and made me an amazing Fizz from The Tweenie costume.

6. Bobbing for apples or pin the hat on the witch?

Ooooh bobbing for apples even though I properly SUCK at it, it's definitely the most fun!

7. How do you celebrate Halloween?

I generally don't! It just kind of passes by like a normal day except I eat more sweets. It's around my sister's birthday as well so sometimes if it's a weekend we'd just do stuff for that instead. I did, however, go to my one and only secondary school house party at Halloween one year. Here's some photographic evidence of me dressed as Alice in Wonderland (very meta of me) on the aforementioned wildest night of my teenage career (I was 17 here).
Fireworks are also a pretty big thing to celebrate Halloween here so sometimes we'd go down to the docks to watch the display and a few years ago we took a group from our church who were over on mission for a nice night out (although I was violently ill and definitely shouldn't have been there)

8. What’s your least favourite horror?

Again, oops I haven't seen any! It's just really not a genre that interests me!

9. Do you have a favourite trick or treating memory?

I have never been trick or treating in my life! We were always that annoying family who wouldn't even answer the door to trick or treaters like we would actively pretend that we weren't in. But again with it being around my sister's birthday (29th) when we were younger family would always call round with presents so we always had to peek our heads out to see if it was family or trick or treaters so we knew if we had to answer or ignore.

10. What’s your favourite thing about Halloween?

I guess probably that it's an excuse to over indulge in sweets (which I probably do anyway but at least this time there's an excuse)

11. Scary costume or Silly costume?

Silly costume... ALWAYS a silly costume I don't think I've ever done a scary costume in my life. Here I am (in the back) dressed as Bob the Builder which was a last-minute hard hat from the local fancy dress store that I bought the day before number.

12. What’s your favourite Halloween candy?

Just the little mini bags of Haribo because I love Haribo full stop but I love them even more when they're in the mini bags.

13. Would you rather meet a vampire or a devil?

Ooh, probably a vampire but I'm not sure if I'd really like to run into either!

I'm going to break the rules slightly and not tag anyone because I'm honestly not sure if I even have anyone to tag! But I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I definitely had fun with it and I really enjoyed taking part in my first tag! This tag was originally created by Jordanne at Of a Glasgow Girl so definitely check her blog out as well!

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