five books I've read recently

31 Aug 2022

Hi again, It's been a while since I last did a bookish update. It's actually been a while since any update but I'm back to reading and I'm back to blogging so I thought, what better way to catch you up than with some of the things I've been reading lately! Almost all of these are from August but I find that when I did my monthly wrap-ups before, I ended up reading just so I had something to post about rather than because I wanted to and I don't want to fall into that trap again so for now here are some recent reads. I enjoyed all of them but nothing has been a five-star read for me yet this year so hopefully, I'll land on one soon.

a barcelona travel diary

22 Aug 2022

I'm a pretty well-travelled person. My parents were the sort of parents who really valued travel in the early years; hence, I had visited seven different countries before I turned two! That wasn't something that slowed down as we got older either and we continued to take European trips almost every year of my childhood. One place I had never actually been to though was Spain. The classic British destination. While everyone else was out seeking sun and beaches we were wandering around some old dutch cathedral or tasting cheese (I've been to the Netherlands 10 times). That all changed though this summer when I finally took my Spanish virginity with a trip to Barcelona!