About me

Oh Hey! I'm Alice, I'm 22 and I'm from Belfast. Welcome to my corner of the internet!

About Me

Oh hey there! My name is Alice and welcome to this little space of mine, Mom Jeans and Jesus combining two of my main loves in life, wearing mom jeans and sharing Jesus. 

So a little bit about me: I'm Alice, Hi! (that's me in the photo) I'm 22 years old and occupy a little part of the big old world known locally as Norn Iron but more commonly as Northern Ireland, and I may be a little biased but I think its the greatest! 

I'm a recent graduate who's now trying to make her way in the big bad world so this is just a little space to document my journey. What originally started as a way to share my uni experience has now grown into so much more!

This is primarily a lifestyle blog but I also love sharing about my travels, my faith and other things I've been loving so expect a little mix of everything!