what do my friends associate with me?

8 Jun 2021

I'm a fangirl by nature, My life is basically defined by whatever thing I'm currently obsessed with and I feel like I make this very known online so I thought it would be a fun idea to ask on Instagram what sorts of songs, tv shows and movies people associate with me. I had a lot of really fun results so I figured I should summarise everything here and see how close I think they are to the truth. These come from people who have known me for varying amounts of time both in-person and online so it was super interesting to see how different people from different circles had different responses.


Taylor Swift

I definitely would associate Taylor Swift with myself but I'm not sure if evermore would have been my pick but I guess she gives off the slightly alternative cottagecore vibes which I guess I also have (or hope to anyway). I'm not sure if we're talking about the song here or the whole album but hey, both work! I've loved Taylor for years. I have such vivid memories of listening to Speak Now on car journeys and sobbing to Long Live while gazing through the window. Main character energy I must say! I personally think I'm more Speak Now or Red but maybe that's because I'm still stuck in my teenage mindset and maybe I am morphing into the evermore person of my dreams and that's just more evident to other people. I love that Taylor Swift has been around for the past ten years of my life during every transitional phase so being associated with her is definitely not a shock!


A couple of people actually said SKAM and to this day I still think I'm Noora Sætre so it definitely checks out. SKAM was such a defining piece of media for me when it came out and it was definitely fundamental in shaping my views, not only on tv tastes but also on life in general. Some of my favourite quotes come from SKAM. One such being 'If you ever hear anyone use religion as a reason for their hatred, don't listen, because hate doesn't come from religion, it comes from fear.' Although it ended back in 2017, I think everything is still super relevant and has plenty of lessons still to teach. It's that show that I always find myself coming back to again and again so it's really not a shock that this was the most popular answer and although I don't talk about it all the time I love that people still know how important it is to me. If you haven't seen SKAM before I highly recommend checking it out provided you don't mind the Norwegian (subs over dubs forever)!

La Vita

Il Volo

or more specifically, the line 'più bello della vita non c’è niente' from La Vita. I have actually had this line saved on my phone home screen since 2015 when I heard it for the first time. Anyone who was around during 2015-2017 knows the impact of this song for me. It translates to 'there is nothing more beautiful than life' and I just think it's such a great thing to live by. I've seen Il Volo live twice and they didn't sing this song either time and I'm honestly still a little bitter about it. My Il Volo days were some of the best and I still love them with all my heart and I'd absolutely love to go and see them again sometime soon!

good 4 u

Olivia Rodrigo

It's no secret that I'm a bit of an Olivia Rodrigo fan but I mean who isn't! Someone also said High School Musical: The Musical: The Series so we'll lob this in here too because they kind of go hand in hand. The person who said this had actually seen me the day before and we'd belted this song together so it's a very current pick. Olivia was actually my fifth most-streamed artist of 2020 even before she'd released drivers license due to my slight obsession with the HSMTMTS soundtrack hence why I've put them together.

Love, Simon

I absolutely ADORE Love, Simon! Simon Vs The Homospaiens Agenda is one of my all-time favourite books and Love, Simon is such a fun adaption - I also absolutely adore Love, Victor which is the spin-off series and I'm immensely hyped for season two. There's just something so comforting about these characters and this world, that when I'm feeling low, I find myself reaching for it again. Not a lot to say other than it's pure serotonin and it makes me happy, hence why it's featured here I guess!


And finally, we'll finish it off with Eurovision. I'm not shy about my love for Eurovision, I've written many a post about it on here through the years. And truly especially at this point in time, I'm not sure why only one person said it because it truly is all I talk about at the minute even though the contest has been over for almost three weeks! If you missed it I wrote a post about some book recommendations based on the top 5. When it comes to things I like almost everything started because of Eurovision so it seems fitting to end the post on this note!
I hope you enjoyed this little insight into me and I guess the things that have defined me throughout the years. It's so interesting to see if the things that other people associate with you are similar to the things you would associate with yourself. Are there any songs, movies, or tv shows that you think people would associate with you?

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