An Honest Day In My Life: Quarantine Uni Student Edition

30 Mar 2020

What a funny old time we're living in! I'm still adjusting to the whole situation with my final year of university finishing so abruptly and packing up my house 2 months early and moving back home! It's something that we never could have predicted happening and being at home it's so important to find a routine that works for you that allows you to be productive but at the same time not to fully neglect your mental health and your hobbies. So this is what I've found myself doing and so far, I think it's working pretty well for me!

mid-week musings (mid-pandemic musings)

25 Mar 2020

Well, this has been an eventful few weeks. I've just finished university classes 6 weeks early, meaning that I'll not get to see the year out with my friends who have been by my side since day one almost four years ago! All exams have been cancelled and replaced with coursework, our formal, which was going to be our last hoorah has been cancelled and graduation has likely been postponed. And to top it all off, they've cancelled Eurovision, the main source of joy in my life while my world was tumbling down around me. 

So how can I possibly still find joy in these strange and difficult times? Yes, it majorly sucks that everything is ending so abruptly and we're not getting the 2020 that we hoped and planned for but this pandemic didn't take God by surprise! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! 

One of my favourite songs, Still God by Elevation Worship declares 

Before the world began
It wasn't spoken yet
You were still God
And You are still God
After Your final breath
It wasn't over yet
You were still God
And You are still God

He is still God in the midst of our troubles, He is still God in the midst of our fear, He is still God in the midst of our disappointment, He is still God in the midst of our loneliness, He is still God in the midst of our uncertainty. He is STILL God. The same God that saw us through our other low points will certainly see us through this one, so that's why I'm clinging tightly on to hope.

5 Eurovision 2020 Songs That You Need To Hear Immediately

10 Mar 2020

UPDATE: After the cancellation of the Eurovision Song contest 2020 due to the ongoing Covid-19 Outbreak this list seems a bit redundant now but I still stand by all of my previous points of Eurovision being a great way to discover new music so even if we don't have a contest this year we still got 41 new songs and artists to discover!

It's that time again where I try and convince everyone that Eurovision is, in fact, a credible source of music so here are 5 songs from this year's contest that I think you just HAVE to hear! These aren't necessarily my favourite songs but the ones that I think have the most universal appeal for non-fans to get into the contest.

My Favourite Books of All Time

5 Mar 2020

It's World Book Day today so in order to honour it, I thought I'd just share some of my favourite books of all time!

The Song of Achilles by Madeleine Miller
I used to read all the time as a child but then once I hit my teens I just kind of stopped and then I picked up this book and it reminded me about why I love to read. The language is so so beautiful and I literally couldn't put it down and I thought about it for weeks after. Circe by Madeleine Miller is also an amazing book, I just preferred The Song of Achilles a little more.

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling
I've always loved the Harry Potter series and always will no matter how basic that might be and the Prisoner of Azkaban is just the best one and that's all I have to say on this matter.

Simon vs The Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
OH BOY. Now when I say that I love this book, I mean that I LOVE this book. It truly is the happiest thing I've ever read and I still try to read it once a year just to get those happy juices flowing. Becky Albertalli is one of my favourite authors and literally everything she writes is my favourite thing ever but no other novel holds quite as much space in my heart as Simon vs.

What is your favourite book that you've ever read because I'm always looking for new book recommendations?