5 Eurovision 2020 Songs That You Need To Hear Immediately

10 Mar 2020

UPDATE: After the cancellation of the Eurovision Song contest 2020 due to the ongoing Covid-19 Outbreak this list seems a bit redundant now but I still stand by all of my previous points of Eurovision being a great way to discover new music so even if we don't have a contest this year we still got 41 new songs and artists to discover!

It's that time again where I try and convince everyone that Eurovision is, in fact, a credible source of music so here are 5 songs from this year's contest that I think you just HAVE to hear! These aren't necessarily my favourite songs but the ones that I think have the most universal appeal for non-fans to get into the contest.

1. Daði and Gagnamagnið with Think About Things
If you've been anywhere on the internet these past few weeks you've probably heard this one already but it truly is the BIGGEST bop and genuinely makes me happy every time I hear it so that's a WIN all round (and yes this is also my number one song SHOCKER). 

2. Ben Dolic with Violent Thing
This is Germany's entry this year which is a big step up for them. They've gone with this cool pop style bop and it's bound to get you in the party mood!

3. Montaigne with Don't Break Me
If you're a fan of Halsey and the like then you'll love this one. Super modern and interesting. People still ask why Australia is in Eurovision but there's no denying that they know what they're doing!

4. Gjon's Tears with Répondez-Moi
I can't let this post go by without mentioning a non-English song since own language songs are such a huge part of Eurovision and this rousing ballad from Switzerland is the one! English may be the universal language but just because a song isn't in your native tongue doesn't mean that you can't enjoy it!

5. Victoria with Tears Getting Sober
With the rise in popularity in Billie Eilish, it was only natural that a similar style of music would make its way into Eurovision sooner or later and this one from Bulagria's Victoria is giving me massive when the party's over vibes. So if that's your vibe give it a listen.

Honourable Mention: James Newman with My Last Breath
This is the UK entry and as my readership is predominantly UK based I thought I'd share with you our entry so you know who to support come May! James Newman is the brother of singer John Newman and he's entering with this authentically British bop!

I hope you found a song that you liked and I've inspired you to delve a little deeper into the wonderful world of Eurovision! They have an official playlist on Spotify you can check out here if you're interested in hearing some more songs from this years contest.

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