An Honest Day In My Life: Quarantine Uni Student Edition

30 Mar 2020

What a funny old time we're living in! I'm still adjusting to the whole situation with my final year of university finishing so abruptly and packing up my house 2 months early and moving back home! It's something that we never could have predicted happening and being at home it's so important to find a routine that works for you that allows you to be productive but at the same time not to fully neglect your mental health and your hobbies. So this is what I've found myself doing and so far, I think it's working pretty well for me!

Wake up! I've been treating myself to a bit of a lie in these days as I'm normally a 7.30am wake up kinda person but alas with quarantine life I keep finding myself going to bed so late that I'm just really not productive in the mornings anymore! Once I get up the first thing I do is scroll on my socials for a bit, which is definitely not the best way to start your morning but hey it's a habit and this is an honest day in my life! I hop in the shower, get dressed for the day which usually consists of jeans and a sweatshirt. I managed to get rid of all my cosies (I have zero pairs of leggings) so I'm literally still just wearing my everyday clothes oops. 

Breakfast time! I'm usually pretty lazy with breakfast and just have a pack of Belvitas but occasionally I'll make some porridge or some cereal. While I'm eating my breakfast I also like to do my devotional for the day. I'm currently working my way through Women of the Bible which gives insights into the lives of a selection of biblical women as well as doing some weekly plans on the Bible app.

Time for work! I'm currently battling my way through my last few weeks of final year so I'm knee-deep in my dissertation and coursework as well as having to keep up do date with lecture topics. I'm operating on an alternating day system where one day I'll work on coursework/dissertation and one day I'll work on keeping my notes up to date for class and repeat! I also use this time to stay up to date on my uni emails and blackboard announcements.

Lunchtime! I usually have a pizza or some pasta for lunch and watch an episode of something chill like Friends, Brooklyn 99, Parks and Recreation, and the like to give myself a little chill time in the middle of the day. I also occasionally use this time to get my 'once a day' exercise in!

Back to work, there's not much more to say on this matter!

I finish up. work for the day and retreat downstairs. Gear up for my tea time entertainment of pointless followed by house of games

Dinner Time! My mum cooks dinner every night which is nice because it's one less thing for me to do now! Sometimes we'll sit at the table as a family ut other times we'll just sit in front of the tv!

Family time/Zoom time- Some nights we'll have a family game night which are my favourite nights because I love board games and table games and we never have time to play them usually so I'm thankful for the Rona giving us freedom to spend time together as a family. Other nights I'll have some skype or zoom calls with my friends and/or extended family.

I retreat back to my room for some late-night relaxation. I'll either play some Sims 4 or watch some Netflix. I'm currently working my way through the Politician and I'm loving it!

Now it's supposed to be bedtime but I really don't know what I end up doing for so long that bedtime is actually 12.30am!!

How have you been spending your days in quarantine and has it affected your life in any major ways?

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