Rimmel Sun Shimmer Tan Review

1 Jun 2018

It's Summer, my dudes! I'm officially finished with University for the year and now the sun is shining brightly in Northern Ireland, so that means it's time to embrace the summer sun, especially since we've had such a run of insane weather lately (literally 20 degrees may not seem that warm to you but in Northern Ireland it's the equivalent to actually being on the sun) but maybe it's not quite time for the population of Northern Ireland to embrace my pasty white skin! Well, how great is it that there's a cure for that and it comes in the form of self-tanner (what a shock I know). I'm not a big fan of self-tanning but it's mainly just because I'm far too lazy to maintain it because I genuinely do love the self-love and appreciation that comes from looking just a little bit more bronzed and glowy than usual. So that's why I was super excited when Influenster sent me a whole load of self-tanning products from Rimmel London to try-out for free!

I'm blonde, and I'm so blonde that I'm almost ginger so I can't get away with a super dark tan without it looking really off. Here's a funny sorry about that: I was at work and a man I'd never met was trying to explain to someone who didn't speak English that my tan was fake so if that's not a punch in the gut about how pasty and white you're expected to be then I don't know what is! Anyway after that little tangent back to the main reason we're here, Self-tan and particularly the Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse from Rimmel London. I haven't gotten round to using the other products yet (which are Sunshimmer Self Tan Lotion With Chia Oil and Sunshimmer Instant Tan Matte Water Resistant) but when I love the mousse so much why would I bother! I'm not a serial tanner by any means if and tan and I were a tv show we'd probably be Sherlock, only releasing episodes at special occasions every couple of years, but recently since receiving this tan I've become a little bit obsessed. In fairness the first time I applied it, it was a shoddy job, it definitely wasn't even and my hands were definitely darker than everywhere else on my body but that is no fault of the tan, that's purely me being lazy and not wanting to get a mitt. The second time was much better and I can base this review of that. 

I love the mousse the most because it comes out like a foam and when tanning is such a monotonous task who wouldn't want to inject a little bit of fun into it with foam am I right! It also goes on super smoothly and gives an even coverage (provided you apply it correctly that is oops), It has good colour payoff which s brown as supposed to orange so you're not at risk of looking too much like Donald Trump. It doesn't have the typical fake tan smell either so your noses will be safe as well. I think that just about covers it, I've attached some photos below of my failed first attempt so you can see that even if it doesn't exactly go to plan you won't look awful! Have fun being your best-tanned selves and I also promise to post more in the not so distant future because this has been an embarassingly long break!

Love, Alice

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