Satisfaction in Singleness

24 Sept 2018

Let's talk about the 'S' word, not that one, the big one, Singleness. Ugh. Especially now that all of my friends are starting to get into relationships, getting engaged and even getting married, the singleness thing is starting to become more and more just a 'me' thing, Singleness is great and all that but sometimes you just get a yearning for someone to share life with and when you don't have that, it can suck a little bit.

You know that analogy where there's a big oak tree and it's all on its own in a field so that it's roots can go deep and spread wide without being blocked by anything else in its path of growth, I guess that is singleness right? It's important that you invest in yourself, that you're able to give as much to a relationship as you want to receive, as well as making sure you're right with God and your relationship with Him is in a good place before delving into a relationship with another person, because that's how healthy relationships are born.

See these are things that I know, I know that seasons of singleness are super important for your development and that people can really flourish in singleness but sometimes the seasons can drag on and on and on and on and are like a never-ending expanse of desert, dry and devoid of affection, love and companionship, you can start to feel unlovable, unwanted and unappreciated. If I'm ready to be in a relationship, why is nobody ready to be in a relationship with me? This is something I do find myself asking more regularly than I'd like to admit but it all comes down to God's timing. God's timing is perfect and when we're going through seasons when our lives aren't turning out the way we always thought they would, we (me included) need to stop blaming God for it and start to trust in His timing. When we complain about our low seasons we're complaining about God's chosen route of breakthrough. Wouldn't you rather take a difficult journey to get to the best view rather than take the shortcut and not quite reach the summit?

For me, singleness has much more been a way of life rather than a season and if you're also feeling like that, that's okay! Also if you're feeling a little bit alone and unloved right now that's also okay we all need to mope around every now and then but just know that God has never left you alone, He's always there and He's always got your back! Give 'You Say' by Lauren Daigle and 'Here Again' by Elevation Worship a listen and I guarantee you'll feel so loved in seconds! 

Right now I'm happy enough to take my own Instagram pictures and big myself up for doing those things I do that are little mini-trials for me (like write this blog post *high fives self*), but still be able to trust in God's timing and believe that He's going to bring the right person at the right time and that I'm not in control, He is

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