3 Products That I Can't Give Up

3 Jun 2019

I was a late bloomer, I always get taken aback when I walk by 12-year-olds with a full face of makeup on, I didn't start wearing makeup until I was 15 and even at that I literally just wore eyeliner and concealer. I bought my first proper eyeshadow palette when I was 16 after my GCSEs (Urban Decay Naked for all the OGs out there) and since then it's been a bittersweet love affair with makeup, and too this day, eyeshadow remains my absolute favourite beauty product, remember your roots, my friends! My makeup tastes have changed a lot over the years but there are always those products that you keep coming back to no matter how many times you try to change it up. 

Anyway on that note, here are the 3 products that I can't seem to stop buying again and again and again!

Rimmel Stay Matte
This is the true OG powder of OG powders and the one that I'm probably most ashamed to admit I still use. I tried to make the switch to loose powders which I did love using but inevitable as soon as I use them up I go straight back to my Rimmel Stay Matte ways even though I know deep down that it's probably not a good product, I'm still gonna use it anyway. Sue me!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
I originally intended to purchase this as a one-off 'Treat Yoself' purchase but I'm currently on my 4th bottle! I initially planned to revert back to drugstore foundations but my skin just did not thank me for it at all so I'm back to my beloved, Born This Way, slightly pricey but worth it in my humble opinion (I use the shade Snow if anyone was interested!)

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
This is the big one, is there a person alive who doesn't use Hoola bronzer, this was actually the first bronzer I ever used, I got a full sized one in a gift set I bought on the ferry after Christmas for £15, A BARGAIN, and it lasted me for years, then I got a free sample in my Birchbox and it's lasted me another year so basically this is the first time I've actually had to replace it but once you go Hoola, you never go back, and boy have I tried but here we are again.

What are your Holy Grail beauty products that you keep on buying again and again? I'd love to find some new products!

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