My Study Essentials

6 Nov 2019

With uni starting back I'm having less ad less time to focus on blogging, I was already starting to fall behind on notes by week 2! Here are my top items that I use to study and my study life would not be the same without!

Whitelines Paper

This is my biggest one! Whitelines paper is revolutionary and will genuinely change your study life! Not only do the white lines make everything easier to read and cause less strain on the eyes, they're also equipped with technology allowing you to create digital copies of all your notes that you can carry around with you on your phone.

Pastel Highlighters

I love my notes to be pretty, I can't help it, I'm a visual learner so if something is pretty I'm more likely to want to look at it and remember it. One way I do this is by using pastel highlighters. Mine are from Stabilo but they are available from lots of different places.


Not necessarily a study essential but an absolute essential for uni life. With timetables constantly changing it's important to keep on top of what classes you have each week. There are so many styles of planner available so make sure you find one that suits you best. I used to bullet journal but then had no time for the upkeep which completely defeated the purpose!

Coloured Pens (previous paid partnership)

Again as a visual learner, I like to add a pop of colour to things every so often. I use the Pentel EnerGel pens for this because they have such a vast range of colours and they are super great quality but any coloured pens will do the job!

What are your top study items?

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