What I Spend in a Week At University

3 Feb 2020

A big part of going away for uni is learning how to budget and manage your money. Northern Ireland is a pretty affordable place to live and I try to be as minimalist as possible. I'm still learning how to budget better so a big part of this post is actually just for me to see how well I'm managing my expenses as much as me sharing with you all what I buy in a week.


My pressed powder just died a slow painful death so I very glamorously began my Monday by popping to Tesco to buy a new one. - £4.00

I then got a train from Belfast to Coleraine. This is a bizarre thing that we do in Northern Ireland where we all go home for the weekends, call us home birds. The train price has also been increased this year so it's actually become something that I actively notice this year as opposed to previous years when I'd just pay it and think nothing of it - £8.30

Once I arrive at Coleraine I then get a bus to Portstewart, the next town over, which is where my house is. - £1.60

As it's the start of the week I also did a grocery shop to stock up on fresh produce for the week and to fill my store cupboard as it's the beginning of a new term. - £28.89

Monday Total Spend = £42.79


I don't have class on Tuesdays so I literally had no expenses today because I was at home all day doing laundry. Yay for chores and yay for no expenses

Tuesday Total Spend = £0.00


Grabbed a lift to uni and picked up a banana as an after-class snack. I've been feeling nauseous a lot recently so I'm limiting myself to the blandest foods possible to try and alleviate it a little, hence the banana - £0.35

I then went to the library and treated myself to a Wispa gold with my lunch afterwards because it's a bad habit and I'm not at all ashamed - £0.77

I ended up not getting the bus at all today because my friends all so kindly gave me lifts to everywhere I needed to be so I managed to avoid that expense which is usually a staple in my daily expenditure.

Wednesday Total Spend = £1.02


Hopped on the bus around 12 to head into uni for the day - £1.40

I made lunch before I left the house so I didn't need to buy anything in uni. I was originally planning on picking up some chocolate from the shop on my way home but by the time I ended up leaving the library, the shop was closed so I guess that was a blessing in disguise! My friend also very kindly gave me a lift home so I didn't need to pay for another bus fare.

Thursday Total Spend = £1.40


I got the bus again this morning and you know the gist by now - £1.40

I had a really long lecture so I treated myself to a lil bag of Minstrels during the break... oops - £0.77

I also managed to run out of lunch food (oops) so I had to grab a wrap from the shop to eat on my way home - £2.99

Remember when I mentioned that we all go home at the weekend? yeah, guess what? Another train fare!! - £8.30

Friday Total Spend = £13.46


I ended up not going out on Saturday and ended up just staying in and watched some Netflix and some rugby which meant I also didn't spend any money. 

However, as it's the 1st of the month it's the day that I pay my rent. I'm not going to disclose the exact amount that I pay for rent so I'm excluding the value from my expenses.

Saturday Total Spend = £0.00 (+rent)


I got a hotdog for breakfast at church this morning (which I generally do most Sunday morning's because it's there and it's handy - £1.00

Bad habits die hard and we have a habit of always going to get ice cream after church in the evenings and this week was no different. - £4.50

Sunday Total Spend = £5.50

So that brings us to the end of the week and that brings my weekly spend to the grand total of (drum roll please)

Weekly Total = £64.17 (+rent)

This was a reasonably normal week but my expenses change week by week so if you enjoyed this post and would like to see another one in the future let me know and I'll maybe do a part two.

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