getting that festive glow with Jolie Beauty

18 Dec 2020

*this post is in partnership with Jolie Beauty and contains gifted items*

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! The festive season is my absolute favourite time of year from listening to Christmas music, to singing carols both in church and actually going carolling like a Victorian street choir, to my slight obsession with Netflix original Christmas movies it’s literally the most fun time. Not to mention the fact that I get to don my favourite sweaters and cosy up with a gingerbread latte and eat some chocolates while my house is decked with fairy lights. Truly a god-tier season.
Obviously, with the state of the world at the moment things look a little different this Christmas but even though we can’t do things as we normally would, we can’t attend the classic Christmas parties, can’t go out for Christmas drinks and with the lockdown restrictions in Northern Ireland we’ve got even less plans for new year’s events. However, none of that can stop you from getting all glammed up to do nothing but eat your Christmas roast and open your presents in the comfort of your own home and that’s where Jolie Beauty come in!
I have two moods, full face of makeup or no makeup, there’s literally no in-between so when Jolie Beauty wanted to send me some of their new Second Skin highlighters, obviously I said yes because I’ve been using the same highlight for the longest time and it was definitely time to switch things up a bit.
Jolie Beauty is a cruelty-free beauty brand from the UK founded by a team of experienced makeup artists who believe that everyone should have access to quality products no matter who you are. I’m definitely not much of a makeup artist but I do like to snazz things up every now and then, so the Second Skin highlighters are perfect for that! These highlighters are also vegan and retail for £16.99 so slightly more than you're average drugstore prices but considering how much money I have paid for makeup items in the past I think it's a very reasonable price. However, mine were very kindly gifted to me from Jolie Beauty.
The highlighters come in four different shades, but I received two in ‘Saintly’ which is a super light gold colour, and ‘Dreaming’ which is also gold but a little darker. I usually actually go for peach-toned highlighters, so I was interested to see how the gold tones worked for me, but I trusted the people at Jolie to pick the right shades. The formula itself is super soft and applies so well. They actually both look great on and I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the darker shade, but I’ve found myself continuing to reach for ‘Saintly’ especially on lighter makeup days because it just gives such a pretty glow.
The packaging is also super pretty, it’s shiny and rose gold and it also has a mirror in it which is always super handy when you’re out and about. It is plastic though, but it still feels super sturdy. The downside to shiny packaging is that it can get dirty pretty easily when you’re touching them all the time but I’m still a magpie when it comes to shiny things (hence why I'm such a fan of a highlight).
I’ve found myself reaching for these highlighters so often lately, they’ve definitely become a new staple in my makeup routine, and I can’t wait to put them to use for all my socially distanced Christmas festivities this year. Jolie Beauty also have other products (blushers and bronzers) available in the Second Skin Collection which I'm super keen to also try out after loving these highlighters so much!

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