New Year, New room

8 Jan 2021

*this post contains gifted items*

New Year, New Lockdown restrictions. It looks like even heading into the new year we'll be spending even more time inside and as it's the winter it's important that our inside time is as cosy as possible. I got a new blanket for Christmas so I'm definitely getting into the cosy staying inside mood.

One thing that's super important for staying sane during lockdown is avoiding monotony because when every day starts to roll into one, things can start to feel a little heavy, especially now that we're in the winter season and the days are darker. One thing I struggle with is spending all the daylight hours working which means that when it's time to relax, it's dark outside so you can't even really get outside to do your once a day exercise.

Thet's why I decided that my gallery wall needed a bit of a freshen up. Fresh look, fresh mindset and all that. Gone are my beloved Copenhagen prints (for now at least) and hanging in their place is my new Orange Rainbow Poster from Photowall.
It's no secret that I'm a tad obsessed with all things Scandi (hence the Copenhagen shots) so whenever Photowall, a Swedish design company, reached out to me I was beyond thrilled to accept. I try to incorporate as much Scandi style into my life as possible and I just immediately fell in love with everything that Photowall have to offer.

Photowall specialises in wallpaper and murals but they have different styles of wall art to choose as well such as posters and canvases. I'm obsessed with their wallpapers though and if I had my own house or if I even had the room for it I 100% would have one on my wall because they are just so cool! I'm especially a fan of this banana leaf wallpaper. As it stands though, I have the smallest room in the house and so I don't have the wall space but what I did have was a hook that has been there for years just waiting for something to be hung upon it again so I decided that a hanging poster would be perfect!

There were literally so many pieces from Photowall that I was obsessed with and I really took my time deciding which piece I wanted. I made a shortlist and then ended up deciding on something completely different. My walls are Heart Wood which, according to Dulux, is a warm nude with a hint of heather. It's such a pretty colour and I'm obsessed with how cosy it is but I wanted to make sure that whatever print I picked matched with my walls and decided that this print was perfect.
The quality of this print is amazing! It's printed on the same material as wallpapers so it's so sturdy and while I was assembling it I wasn't worried about it ripping at all! They come in lots of different sizes but I opted for the smallest one which is 30x40cm just to be sure that it would fit but I possibly could have gone up a size. The actual assembling of the poster was a struggle though because I'm not the best with my hands but I got there eventually! All of the things you need were provided for you including a nail which I didn't need as I was using my pre-existing hook but I thought it was such a nice touch!

If you're interested in checking out some pieces from Photowall they've given me a discount code that you can use for this month only to get 25% off anything from their site so that includes wallpapers and murals, hanging posters, canvases and framed prints! There are literally so many different styles to pick from that you're bound to find something you love so make sure to use the code momjeansandjesus25 for your order to unlock that 25% off.

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