What's in my Travel Make Up bag

23 Apr 2024

Because I live in Belfast and my office is in Coventry, I travel a lot. I come over to the office around once a month which means I am an expert at travelling light and packing my hand luggage for one night. 

My liquids bag

Obviously, one of the most inconvenient things about flights is the separate liquid bag. I fly so regularly that I permanently have little plastic bags in my makeup storage so I can easily grab one to separate everything out - I also try to keep this in my jacket pocket for going through security for convenience.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

I've been trialling a few different foundations recently but I've come back to this one and I had forgotten just quite how good it is (for me anyway). I use the shade Snow.

Nars Concealer

Hotel rooms often notoriously lead me to have a bad night's sleep - although the last time I slept like a baby which is kinda crazy because I had a weird conjoining room so I was constantly on edge that someone would pop through in the middle of the night. All that to say - I need concealer for my under-eye dark circles. I'm not precious about which concealer I use but right now I'm using this Nars one.

MAC Eyeliner

I have notoriously watery eyes so finding a good eyeliner that's not going to run off my face a mere hour after application and I've found that the MAC Brushstroke does a pretty good job! There's obviously still some smudging but it's definitely much improved.

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

She's a classic for a reason! I have long lashes naturally so I don't like using super volumising mascaras so this one never fails me! I'm also never sure if liquid liner and mascara even count as liquids but I always like to assume they do to be on the safe side.

Glossier Lipgloss

I've been really into lipglosses recently so just having one on hand to apply either over lipstick or just on its own is very handy. The glossier lipgloss is another product that you can never go wrong with and always good to have in your beauty arsenal.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk

Similarly to lipglosses, I've also been loving liquid blushes recently after years of avoiding them. You just get such a nice natural glow which is perfect for everyday wear and now I've learned how to apply them properly I've been favouring them over powder blushes for the first time. Glossier's Cloud Paint is so lightweight it's so easy to blend and really makes you look alive!

Elie Saab Girl of Now Perfume

I'm not overly particular about what perfume I bring but this is just the sample I currently have in my bag. Having perfume samples which are small enough to fit in your hand luggage liquid bag really helps make your travel vibe feel more put together.

The Non-Liquids

I always keep my non-liquid products in a separate bag to allow maximum capacity

Bare Minerals Powder

I had grabbed this powder a while ago just to try always assuming I'd return to a cheaper alternative sooner or later but lo and behold I've found that this powder is so nice. I've had so many people ask me what I've done makeup-wise since using it and it truly is just better than other ones I've used so I guess I've have to keep forking out for it! It does last for a long time though - even after I hit the pan I was able to get another month at least out of it when I thought it was finished.

Glossier Generation G in Cake

Generation G lipsticks are the perfect everyday lipsticks, especially this light shade. It's one I always like to travel with and have on hand because it's just so easy to work with and so hard to look bad!

Glossier Monochromes

I like to pack light and Glossier do their monochrome collection which are small eyeshadow palettes which are perfect for simple looks for heading into the office. If I'm travelling for something more fun I will often pack a different palette as well but for your classic everyday looks these are perfect

Pearl Beauty Spotlight

This is a bright shimmery eye shadow that again is perfect for a simple look but I've also found doubles up as a nice highlight if needed. Pearl Beauty is a local Northern Irish brand and definitely worth checking out for all your beauty needs!

Wild Deodorant

Never seen without my Wild Deodorant. I've been using WIld's natural deodorants for three years now and I'll likely never go back to regular aerosols. I wrote a little about them here if you wanna have a nosy - they also stock them in Tesco now so it makes getting refills even easier!


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