Making Old Things New

17 Jul 2016

  I don't entirely know what niche I'm trying to fit into with this blog but for the moment let's call in "faith, fashion and other nonsense" so let's get stuck into the fashion part.

"She is clothed in strength and dignity, she can laugh without fear of the future"

Belfast always does this thing where it's never fully aware of what season it is so as I dress for a summer night it's pretty much dead similar to what I would wear on an autumn afternoon, this particular evening I wore:

Burgandy Top from T.K Maxx // I picked this up when I was in T.K Maxx a few months back and I love it as a wardrobe staple, It has cropped sleeves and is quite heavy and floaty which makes it a little more interesting than a generic plain top so serves the purpose of simple yet effective.

Aztec Cardigan from Urban Outfitters // I've had this cardigan for years and I always find myself coming back to it to complete an outfit because of the pattern on it I just feel like it helps to give a rather plain outfit a little more character.

A-Line Skirt from New Look // I managed to salvage this beauty from the sale for only £15, What a bargain right! It's perfect for wearing casually and can be worn in all weathers depending on what you choose to wear it with

Plimsolls from New Look // a nice pair of plimsolls is always a sure fire way to ensure that your outfit remains casual and it's especially great if they are as comfortable as this pair from New Look which only cost £15

Necklace from Charlene's Project // Charlene's Project is a really nice charity that raises money to build schools in countries where children can't go to school founded by a girl who had to be taken out of school because of her cystic fibrosis,

Leggings from Primark // Leggings are just a wardrobe staple and can literally be thrown on with anything as proven here

I'm a sucker for never throwing clothes out so a lot of outfits that I show on here will more likely contain a piece that I picked up approximately 5 years ago but just can't bear to part with, in this case it is my trusty Urban Outfitters cardigan. It is important to invest in your old items and to not completely forget about their existence. Sometimes the older clothes that we possess can be just what we need to fully complete an outfit, Although it's important to keep up with the shift in styles keeping a hold older items is still important. The same way as when young people begin to take on the roles of the older people it is equally as important to keep investing into the older people so as they don't begin to fade into the background. Yes I am linking a post about clothes to investing in the older generation, deal with it!

Alice x

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