new beginnings

18 Jul 2016

 On this day, The 18th of July 2016, I Alice Myles took a big step in my life. "What is it?" I hear you ask, well I changed my Instagram theme. For over a year I have had the same Instagram theme og 3:$ ratio photos with a white border using the filter A6 from vsco (and yes it was that rigid), for several months now I have been considering dropping the border because I found that it was hindering me from posting the content that I really wanted to post but I feared for how it would affect my aesthetic and my reputation and other things that I really shouldn't have cared about because they really weren't that important.The fateful post is below but can also be viewed here

 Hold on because this is where I try to make a strenuous link...

So often in life we can hold onto the things of the past in an attempt to keep some sort of order in our lives. We think that in order for things to remain the way they are nothing is allowed to change. I often find myself in this trap and it's important to think of the things holding you back from achieving your full potential of being fully happy and trying to rectify it. We will constantly be changing as we learn new things and hanging tight onto the things that we have experienced in the past is a hindrance to us fully embracing everything that our futures have to offer us. Monday is the universally recognised start of a new week so maybe this new week you could start to let go of some of the things of the past that are holding you back.

Alice x

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