Single on Valentine's Day

13 Feb 2019

Ah Valentine's Day, the day to celebrate love in all its forms and as my one true love is random and useless facts I'm starting off this post with a fun fact. So most of you probably know that Valentine's Day is named after St Valentine who is the patron saint of Love, Happy Marriages and Couples but not only that but he's also the patron saint of beekeeping, epilepsy, the plague and even against fainting so I'm spending this Valentine's Day trying not to faint while looking after bees in true homage to St Valentine himself.

I'm kidding of course, I am however spending it alone for the 21st year in a row. So I'm an expert in all things 'being single on Valentine's Day' because yes, in theory it is just a commercial concept and there shouldn't only be one day to celebrate love yada yada but sometimes it can suck a little when everything around you is crying out love, love, love but you're not really feeling the love. In this post I'm going to talk about self-love and all the ways that you can show yourself love this Valentine's Day but I also wrote a post recently on finding satisfaction in singleness so if that's something you need to work on I'll link it here for you as well! So without further ado let's get right into it.

You do you!
Take some time to do things that you want to do, whether that's watch a movie, read a book, go shopping, go for a walk, go for a drive, order your favourite food or even doing some bedroom karaoke (that's definitely what I'll be doing), make this day all about you! I once ordered myself a pizza on Valentine's Day and was so excited for it to arrive that I opened the door to my flatmate's boyfriend who had flowers for her, while the only guy I ended up talking to was my delivery driver who got lost on his way to the flat!

Take some you time
Relax, run a bath, put on a face mask, light a few candles, take a nap (what better way to pass the day than by sleeping ammiright?) (I say this as though I regularly take naps) or whatever it is that relaxes you, just chill out. Take some time out of your busy, busy life and just spend some time chilling and relaxing.

Treat Yo'self
I mean if no one else is around to, why not take yourself out! Buy yourself lunch, or that new product you've been eyeing up, or even just a bar of chocolate (the day after valentine's day is great for this though because they're all on sale, pro tip!) Just get something for you, no judgements.

Or not all about you
There are plenty of ways to show love that don't involve romance and one of my favourites is by giving back. You'll get to make a positive difference in people's lives and you'll also feel great doing it. Have a closet cleanse, donate some food to a local food bank, or volunteer somewhere, do some good!

All in all don't feel the Valentine's pressure and just take some time to focus on you and reflect on all the things that you've accomplished this past year. Also remember that self-love isn't just a Valentine's Day thing, it should be an all the time thing. Get that me time and in true St. Valentine's spirit, just try not to faint! 

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