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17 Apr 2019

So, a few things about me, I'm 5' 6", I wear a size 8, and size 6 shoes. Literally the most mediocre measurements ever! I honestly didn't even notice until I was in my local New Look this week looking at the sale section, which is incredible btw and deffo worth checking out, seriously discounts AND buy one get one free on the entire sale section, AN ACTUAL DREAM, and I couldn't find anything in my size! Who knew that size 8s were so difficult to come across. I'm in that dreaded range were 6s are a little too snug but 10s are also a little too big but all the clothes I could find were either a 6 or a 10 and above! No 8s in sight! Like does anyone else ever have this problem? I wasn't in a rush and therefore I had plenty of time to look around and eventually found some super cute pieces that were actually in my size (I'm well aware that this is the biggest first world problem I've probably ever cared about and clothes are a luxury and blah blah blah)

That's when it struck me. 

I'm Average. 

I don't even mean that in a skills way (although I can sometimes feel a little average in that capacity too but that's a whole other post) I mean that in a physical attributes way. So many people can classify themselves as petite bloggers, mid-size bloggers, or whatever but I can't claim any of that! So I'm just a girl, sitting in front of her laptop screen pledging to be your friendly neighbourhood AVERAGE blogger. No labels, no frills just plain average, and I'm okay with that! 

(Stick around for some more average content) 

Jumpsuit from the aforementioned New Look sale! (aka the solitary size 8 jumpsuit)

Glasses are Camden from Glasses Direct (get £30 off your first order here*)

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