The Tales of a Wannabe Travel Blogger (aged 12-13)

29 Apr 2019

I just unearthed my old digital camera that I had before I got my DSLR and with that came trying to find an SD Card which led to me discovering all of my old travel pictures from back in the day so I thought I'd do the only thing I know how to do and edit them the same way I edit now and see if I can find anything fun and unearth some memories from old trips. This should be a RIDE! (All of these pictures were edited with my Scandi Collection presets which you can find here if you're interested!)

Italy 2010
I went to Italy for the first time with my family in 2010, we're actually heading there again this summer so this one will be fun to see the difference between the two almost 10 years apart!

You can't truly be a travel blogger without a view from the plane window photo now, can you?

In the words of James Acaster 'I came up with this', no but for real I was the touristyiest tourist ever to tourist. There's an even better version of this picture where I'm pushing some random guy in the background's head instead of the tower.

 When in Rome (Tuscany), Do as the Romans (Tuscans) do (Eat Gelato)

Getting those blogger poses started from an early age, still lots of work to do!

I included this picture because 12-year-old me thought it was pretty dang cool that my name was on the side of a Ferrari!

This last one is my absolute favourite from our whole trip and if I ever end up going back to Venice it's the one that I want to try and recreate.

Germany 2011
In 2011 I went on a German Exchange trip with my school, here's a collection of the photos that I took while I was there, there's not as many as in Italy because I clearly hadn't fully developed the knack of travel photography quite yet.

This is the view from a Gondola across the River Rhine in Köln before we flew over a nude swimming pool, the things that make an impact at 13 eh!

Included these because they're my favourite Haribo and they're not available here so if anyone is in Germany and wants to buy me a packet that would be greatly appreciated ;)

Also still shook about this ice-cream shaped like spaghetti, like is this not the coolest ice cream you've ever seen!

That was a fun trip down memory lane, I hope you enjoyed looking back on my travel adventures with me. If I unearth some more I may just do another of these. 

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