Getting My Glam On with Magnetic SL

25 Apr 2020


I love makeup and I love experimenting with different looks and products. I am by no means a makeup artist like I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to makeup I just do what works for me. One thing I am loving about quarantine is not wearing makeup every day and just letting my skin breathe! Because I don't want to fully stop wearing makeup I've started a thing I like to call: Unnecessarily Glam Saturdays (or UGS for short). UGS started by accident when I decided to have an isolation self photoshoot and proceeded to this past Saturday when I received these Magnetic lashes from Magnetic SL and just HAD to try them out.

I am really not normally a lashes kind of person. My lashes are so long anyway that putting false ones on kind of defeats the purpose. I had originally intended on using these ones for my final year formal but it was cancelled due to the coronavirus so when they arrived in the post I was determined to put them to good use!

The lovely people over at Magnetic SL were so kind as to send me over two different kits, The Eyeliner kit in natural (pictured) and the three magnet kit in Light Russian which I haven't tried out yet. The natural lashes are definitely more wearable for everyday use and I'm definitely going to save the other set for the next big event I have to attend (hopefully our formal that got postponed).

The fun thing about these lashes is that they don't need glue which eliminates the messiest and most difficult part of applying lashes making it a much more accessible activity. I used the eyeliner kit which features a magnetic eyeliner which the lashes stick to with ease. As I say I'm not an avid user of false lashes so I can't really comment on how they compare to other lashes on the market but I loved these. I forgot I had them on and then when it came to removing them they were easy to take off without them feeling like they were going to fall off for the duration of the day. The eyeliner also very easily came off using my usual makeup remover.

As well as being cruelty-free the lashes are also waterproof and reusable so if you are a person who is super into their glam makeup and loves a set of false lashes I'd say that these are a really great investment. If you're interested you can use the code BEAUTY30 to get 30% off your order at!

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