My Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes

25 Jun 2020


In 2014 I got my first ever PROPER eyeshadow palette. I had just finished my GCSEs and the Urban Decay Naked palette was all the talk of the time and I still actively remember little 16-year-old me plodding into Debenham's with my parents to pick it out. Since then, eye shadow palettes are still my absolute favourite make up item and out of my collection, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourites. I am by no means a makeup artist. I'm always so amazed by what people can create with makeup because I tend to stick to very plain looks but it works for me!


Rainforest of The Sea Volume II

Literally, just look at how pretty this is! I love me a neutral colour palette and this one is just the prettiest! I love the packaging as well as the fact that all the shades are beautiful! I literally use the shade sunset, which is a light shimmery gold colour, almost every day! I also love using pearl which is a nice shimmery white on my inner corners.


Tartelette in Bloom

Sticking with Tarte, the first Tarte palette that I got was the Tartelette in bloom palette which is yet again another neutral palette (there's a bit of a theme developing here). I'd heard so much about this palette that I knew I needed it in my life. I'll sometimes mix and match these two Tarte palettes together as this palette has a few more matte shades and slightly darker tones. On the whole I find that Tarte shadows blend so so well together and will always give you a beautiful natural look no matter which shades from the palette you pick. 


Zoella Brunch Date

This was a limited edition palette and is no longer available but when I heard that Zoella was doing a collaboration with Colourpop I jumped at the chance to try it out. I love a lot of the products that Zoella puts out and I'd never tried Colourpop eyeshadows before so this was the perfect opportunity (especially since they launched free UK shipping with it). I love the colour range in this palette (yes it's neutrals again) as you can see the Champagne Toast colour is well and truly GONE and even that blue shade is delightful although the last time I wore it my mum asked what I'd done to my eyes and if I was really going out like that but hey that's what I get from branching out from my neutrals I guess! This palette has definitely inspired me to pick up some more Colourpop products in the future!



This is a bit of a rogue choice because a lot of this palette I don't actually use and the shades that I do use I don't really use very often but when I do use them - particularly the yellows, the browns and the greens - I absolutely love them. The colours are quite intense so it's definitely not every day wear for me but I love incorporating some yellow into my eye makeup looks fairly regularly and it's always good for those special occasions. It is fairly messy though as you can tell from the absolute state of my palette.

Urban Decay

Naked Heat

Bringing it full circle and all the way back to the Urban Decay Naked palette but in this case it's the Naked Heat palette. Oh boy, this palette. This purchase spawned from me spending too much time in duty-free in a busy travel spell and then as soon as I got home I knew that I needed it in my life. This is by far my most used palette during the autumn and winter months and I just adore all the red shades so much. I also love the brushes that come with Urban Decay palettes which isn't something that I can say about other palettes.

So there we have it. Do you have a favourite eye shadow palette? There are definitely a few others that I can't wait to get my hands on!

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