Why You Need to Know About Madlug

17 Jun 2020


It was the summer of 2015 that I bought my first backpack from Madlug after hearing about them at a summer conference. I was going into my final year of school and I needed a new bag anyway so when I heard about Madlug I jumped on it. I purchased the classic grey backpack because back then there was a very limited choice, and it's still standing 5 years later.

What is Madlug? you may ask. Madlug stands for Make a Difference Luggage and it's a social enterprise which is based in Northern Ireland and works on a buy one give one premise where for every bag you buy, a bag is given to a child in the care system who doesn't have a bag. Many children in care have to transport their belongings from house to house in a binbag so Madlug's motto is Value, Worth, Dignity - swapping out the binbag for a real bag showing the child that they can have value, worth, and dignity. There are currently over 90,000 children in care in the UK and Ireland with one child entering the care system every 15 minutes.

Since purchasing my first bag 5 years ago at the launch I have continued to support the work of Madlug (I've literally got 9 different bags) and they've continued to grow. Long gone are the days of basic coloured backpacks only, there are now loads of colours and styles to choose from and you can even design your own!

Some of my favourites include the Burgundy Day Pack (pictured), the Teal Backpack, and the Classic Black Backpack but there are so many great ones to pick! I may just get myself a tenth!

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