First Time Glossier Haul

21 Jul 2020


I've been meaning to buy Glossier products since around 2017 (I remember even being excited when I walked passed the headquarters while on the High Line in New York) but for some reason, I always put it off! Fast forward three years and following a super stressful and busy week I decided that I wanted to treat myself so I made a little splurge and finally purchased myself some items. As a first-time Glossier buyer I had no clue what to expect other than that I'd heard good things. I decided to get both makeup items and skincare items so I could try them both out.

First things first, the package comes in a box with a pink ziplock bag containing all the products which were also individually boxed and it even came with a sticker because who doesn't love stickers! I think this bag should come in useful for storing products so I hope to continue to get use out of it!

Milky Jelly Cleanser

I think this was the product that I was most intrigued by after hearing so many people rave about it. I have kind of problem combination skin and after taking the Glossier skin test this was the product that it recommended me. After using this in the morning and at night time my skin feels so clean and fresh! It also removes makeup well which is such a win!!

Priming Moisturiser Balance

This product was also recommended to me following the skincare assessment and as I was on the lookout for a new moisturiser I thought I'd give this one a try! It smooths my skin out so nicely so it's perfect for using as a primer layer before applying makeup but it's also great to just use as a moisturiser if you're having a bit of a no-makeup day which I've been having a lot of lately!

Balm dot com

This is another product that I'd heard so much about. It comes in a variety of different colours and flavours but I opted for Birthday which is shimmery and tastes like birthday cake! And honestly, it tastes EXACTLY like birthday cake! When I first used it a little too much product came out of the tube but as it also doubles as a skin salve you can just rub in the excess elsewhere rather than letting it go to waste. I'd definitely like to try some other flavours of this product!

I actually got all three of these products in a bundle which saved me money by buying them all together rather than separately, This is the phase one set so these are the recommended products for first time Glossier users, such as myself!

Boy Brow

I'm so so lazy when it comes to my brows and one of my all-time favourite products is the Benefit Gimme Brow because it's so easy to use so I wanted to give this a try too! I'm blonde so I got this in the blonde shade but it also comes in two darker shades and a transparent gel. After the first use, I didn't love this as much as I wanted to, I didn't see a huge difference between my brows before and after. I do have quite thick brows naturally though so maybe that's why but I'll definitely keep using it and maybe I'll notice more of a change with time (or withdrawal)!

Generation G Lipstick

Now I'm ever so partial to a red lip but a lot of my red lipsticks are fairly pigmented and dramatic for everyday use so I wanted to pick this one up (in the shade Zip) to see how wearable it would be for an everyday look. This gives such a natural look, it gives colour to your lips without it looking overpowering but it's also buildable. I applied this after applying balm dot com and it applied very smoothly. As I've been trying to tone down my makeup looks recently I'm so excited to see where this slots into my routine because I definitely see myself using it a lot!!

I also got both of these products in a bundle - I was torn with what products to purchase so the fact that these two came together made my decision a little easier.

Cloud Paint

When I asked people for recommendations for what to purchase this was the winner, I love my powder blushes and I'm generally not a huge fan of cream products so I wasn't sure how much I would like this so fortunately with my purchase I was able to select a free sample and so I chose two shades of Cloud Paint as samples just so I could try them out! I opted for the shades dusk (which is a brownish nude colour) and dawn (which is a bright coral). As I said I'm very much not a cream blush person having used them in the past I feel like they don't work for me but these have such a nice consistency. You really only get one use out of the samples but I'm impressed and I could see myself maybe purchasing these for real!

Just to give you a little taster as to what the makeup products look like on so here's my face with Boy Brow in 'blonde', Generation G in 'Zip' and Cloud Paint in 'Dusk' (also used the other products prior to this so everything mentioned in this post is on my face right now)

All in all, I would say that I very much enjoyed these products and I definitely think I would purchase from Glossier again! If you're interested in checking some things out you can get 10% off your first order through this link (it's my buddy link so I'll earn some money from sales but at no extra cost to you). Have you ever used any products from Glossier? What were your thoughts and what would you recommend I try next?

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