The £5(ish) foundation that you need in your life!

6 Jul 2020


I'll be the first to say that I love me some makeup! I just find that even putting on a little bit of makeup can really just improve your mood but while we've been stuck inside the only times I've found myself wearing makeup is for content shooting days, filming, or if I'm hanging out with friends, Other than that I'm just bare face every day which is standard because I'm always either full-face or no face - I don't do things by halves! 

However, I've recently found myself on some days gravitating towards just putting on some foundation, powder, brows, blush and a little mascara - which is still arguably a lot but it's definitely a lot less makeup than I would usually wear.

I've been using Too Faced Born This Way for years but recently I have a new love and it comes in the form of The Ordinary Colours foundation. The Ordinary are probably best known for their skincare products but they also dabble in makeup products too including this little bottle!

It looks tiny so when I first got it I was shocked but it actually lasts just as long as other bottles if not longer because the coverage you get is great so you don't need a lot of product to get good coverage. It also applies like an absolute dream, stays put all day and is so so affordable with a price point of only £5.90 which rivals some drugstore brands and this product, for the price is far superior to any drugstore alternatives!

what my face looks like with the ordinary colours foundation and very little else- my standard on fancy lockdown days

I'm on my second bottle now and as I have fair skin with pink undertones, I use the shade 1.1P but I knew when I ordered this again that it was too dark for me but honestly I was expecting to have a tan by now so it wouldn't be as noticeable! So I would maybe go down to 1.0P for real the next time I purchase because I will most definitely be purchasing again!

Have you used any products from The Ordinary before? Let me know which of their other products I should check out!

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