Anthems I'm Currently Proclaiming (During Lockdown)

13 May 2020

You know those songs that speak directly into your situation and just WRECK you (like these ones I shared a few months ago). Now that we'ew facing these very strange and uncertain days these are just some songs that I'm choosing to sing over these circumstances when we don't know what to expect but we do know that God is good.

1. The Blessing (Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes and Elevation Worship)

This truly is the anthem of these times. It's taken directly from scripture and speaks so much truth and promise, exactly what an anthem is supposed to do and honestly it could not have been released at a better time. How great that in the middle of this uncertainty, we get to proclaim a blessing over ourselves, over our friends, over our families, and over our land. My favourite line comes in the bridge when they proclaim "In the morning, in the evening, in your coming, and your going, in your weeping, and rejoicing, he is for you". Our God is always for us, everything he does he does for our good and for His glory! A load of churches from the UK came together for a powerful rendition of this song and it's an absolute JOY to see the church so alive during this season despite all church buildings being closed.

2. Highlands (Hillsong)

Is there a line in this song that doesn't speak truth? 'Whatever I walk through, wherever I am, Your name can move mountains wherever I stand' How great that whatever situation we're walking through that Jesus' name is powerful above it all. Thankful that we can praise him in the highlands, the times when things are good but we can also praise him in the heartache and when things aren't going our way. We get to sing this song of ascent as we make our ways from the valleys to the mountaintop knowing that He is with us every step of the way!

3. Waymaker (Leeland)

This isn't even my favourite song but it's so poignant for these times that even when we don't see it God is working. Our sermon series in church at the minute is all about Esther, a book in which God seems to be hidden but although He isn't mentioned, He still has His hand all over the situation in the book. This situation that we're in right now it can be hard to see where God is in the midst of it all but He's here and He's still working!

What anthems are you currently proclaiming during this lockdown season?

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