How I'm Keeping Busy Post Uni

20 May 2020


I've finally finished up university for the year (and forever which is scary so we're not going to mention it anymore). Most of my time these past few months have been spent consumed by uni deadlines as I rushed to get my dissertation completed before the deadline and struggled through my online exams that I really haven't had a chance to relax and just enjoy this time so here are a few things that are keeping me busy now that I don't have any assignments to worry about!


I finally managed to pick up a book again! I started reading The Flat Share ages ago but uni kind of took over and because all my time was spent reading scientific literature reading kind of took a back seat and I kind of forgot what a novel even was! But we're back and I'm loving it so far. I can't wait to actually make a dent in my reading pile with all this free time I now have.


I set strict rules for myself that I wasn't going to get Disney+ until after my exams and I managed to succeed! So naturally, I'm catching up on all the fun that I missed out on during the early stages of lockdown when everyone was having their Marvel marathons. I've already watched the broadway production of Newsies and Tangled (which is my favourite Disney film). Disney movies are so happy and chill as well that they make the perfect background noise for any little tasks you're carrying out such as...


My exam season room was a MESS like an absolute MESS. I had a clothes pile the size of Mount Everest and I just kept putting off tidying it up so now Uni is done I really have no excuse any more so my number one priority was getting that room cleared. I made a big dent in it but there's still a good bit to go so that will most definitely keep me occupied for another few days at least!


I'm really not much of a crafter if any of my childhood crafting attempts are anything to go by but I decided that now is the time to get stuck back in! My mum has been sewing for as long as I can remember and my Grannie was a stitcher so sewing kind of runs in our family which means that when LoveCrafts reached out to me and wanted to help me get started on my crafting journey I jumped at the chance to join the family sewing train.

I chose this adorable succulents embroidery hoop which is perfect for a beginner like me. It comes with everything you need: the material (with the pattern pre-printed for ease), the thread, the needle and the hoop as well as a guide to show you how to stitch. It is the perfect activity for anyone wanting to find a new way to get crafty in this season. It's therapeutic and you end up with a really cute piece of art at the end! And even I, who once stitched a Christmas stocking in school that looked like a chicken drumstick, can do it!

If you want to get yourself started on your crafting journey with an embroidery kit you can check out the full selection that LoveCrafts have here and trust me there are so many adorable ones that I really struggled to pick!

How have you been keeping yourself busy during lockdown?

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