staying sane whilst staying in

6 May 2020


Being stuck inside all day can really take a toll on your mental health. Even as an introvert it can be a struggle not to see your friends and be able to hang out the way we normally would. That's why it's important to really look after yourself during this time, a time when we have nothing but time how we use it is important. So here are some of my top tips for staying sane while staying in!

Zoom zoom zoom

(or whatever other video messaging app you use) I used zoom all the time when I was doing my internship last year and honestly I forgot that it existed until everyone started using it during lockdown. We love having family zoom quizzes with our whole extended family which stretches all the way fro Chile to Thailand! I've also loved having virtual bible studies with friends and just having a good catch up I'm an introvert so I get my energy from being alone so naturally, you'd assume that I'm enjoying not needing to hang out with people but it's still so important to maintain your relationships during this time.

Stick to a Schedule

It doesn't have to be a very strict schedule but setting aside a certain time to do things and maintaining some semblance of normalcy is as important if you have nothing to do than when you have lots to do. I've been mainly doing my uni work but I always make sure that I've set time aside to relax so that my whole life doesn't become consumed by my dissertation.

Passion Projects

Use this time to really get stuck into your passion projects. A passion project can be anything from painting, to crochet to photography to even looking after your house plants. Find what sparks joy in your life and pursue it during this time!

Leave the House

I know the whole point of lockdown is to stay inside the house but it's also super important that you get some fresh air so whether that's going to the supermarket, going for a walk around the neighbourhood or just heading out to the garden make sure you're not keeping yourself locked inside all week (this is something that I'm personally not very good at!).

Get Comfy

I have spent a large portion of lockdown wearing jeans which is apparently not something that most people have been doing! I'm comfortable in jeans and I always find that getting dressed for the day helps me to have structure and actually be productive but I was recently introduced to loungewear and my life has never been the same. Femme Luxe got in touch and sent me over some of their cosy loungewear. I picked up two sets, the Black Ribbed Crop Top Straight Leg Loungewear Set and the Charcoal Marl Frill Waist Loungewear Set.

Black Ribbed Crop Top Straight Leg Loungewear Set

This is hands down the comfiest thing that I own. The material is so soft and stretchy that it gives you great freedom of movement and the fabric is breathable. I ordered it in a size 8/10 and it's super roomy due to the bottoms being straight leg rather than skinny leg and black is such a classic colour that you really can't go wrong! You can shop the Femme Luxe black loungewear sets here.

Charcoal Marl Frill Waist Loungewear Set

This one is a different material than the first set it's more of a sweater material. I immediately fell in love with this set on the website. Size-wise this one runs a little on the small side. I ordeered it ina size 8/10 and I ordinarily wear a size 8 but sometimes need to size up to a 10 in bottoms as I have quite wide hips so the bottoms of this set were a little tight so if you're like me I'd recommend sizing up! However the top did fit well and I definitely see myself getting more wear out of it even if I paired it with jeans! You can see the full frill collection here.

This is just scratching the surface of all the loungewear sets that Femme Luxe has to offer and you can view the full collection with so many different styles here!

What are your top tips for staying sane while staying in? Let me know below!

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