A Belfast Blogger Photo Guide

16 Mar 2019

I'm a Belfast girl, and I blooming love my city and I love living here but sometimes when you're scrolling through Instagram and see all the shots from people in photogenic places like London, Brighton, New York, and Los Angeles you can get a little disheartened. How am I supposed to make cute content when I don't live in a nice looking area? But contrary to popular belief Belfast actually has a multitude of super great places you can go to get those sweet shots so I've compiled a list of my favourites!

Commercial Court (X)
Best to get the obvious one out of the way first! It's definitely overdone but nothing says Belfast like the Harp Bar! During the day you can get shots of the white walls and the pretty flower baskets with the funky decal, or at night you can find it all lit up. If you're lucky the gate at the Duke of York might even be open and you can see the famous umbrella alley! Also at night, the side of the New Orpheus may be open where they have this snazzy neon sign which may just be my new favourite photo background. But whether these extras are open are not it doesn't matter because Commercial Court is perfect by itself and is definitely one of the most photographer-friendly parts of the whole city. 
St Anne's Square (X)
The white stone pillars and grecian style architecture in the courtyard on a sunny day may make you feel like you've been transported to the mediterranean for a split second and while the courtyard itself is beautiful it's also got some other features perfect for your photo backgrounds. The MAC theatre has colourful boards up outside it, the one that says 'Imagine'. is definitely a staple in every bloggers book. However if your feeling adventurous why not take a trip to the top level of the carpark, which is open topped and you'll get an amazing panoramic view over the city!

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Sunflower Public House and the Surrounding Area (X)
A small trek through the sketchier part of town will take you to my absolute favourite part of the city to shoot! This place is street art central, literally everywhere you look there's street art, it's Belfast's answer to Brick Lane!

Botanic Gardens (X)
A fairly obvious suggestion but in the summer there really is no place better than Botanic Gardens. Head into the palm house for your typical greenhouse needs, or the tropical ravine if you fancy something a little more exotic, or the rose garden for some outdoor garden vibes. And it's situated in the heart of University Quarter only a short walk from the city centre!

Joy's Entry (or really any alley off Ann Street) (X)
I love a sketchy alley, especially when it's night time and the sketchy alleys become slightly less sketchy because there are fairy lights hung everywhere. Night shoots are quickly becoming one of my favourites because of the bokeh you can create from the lights in the alleyways. Also so many of them have pubs and bars in them now that there will always be people about! (Starting to sound less sketchy already)

Titanic Quarter (X)
There are so many spots in Titanic Quarter. There's the iconic Tatianic Belfast building, or the grandeur of the Titanic Hotel, or Nomadic, you're sure to get a shot somewhere!

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Any Cute Coffee Shop
Belfast has a huge growing independent coffee shop scene and all of them are super snazzy inside some with minimalist decor and some a little more extravagant but they'll all make a super cute photo nonetheless 

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Do you have any favourite spots in Belfast for photos that I haven't mentioned? Let me know below!!

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