How To Sleep Well

7 Mar 2019

Night, Night, Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. It's the words we're told over and over again as children but when we get older suddenly sleep becomes much harder. I love my bed. Literally there is nothing better than a good early night getting tucked into bed but with my brain constantly working overtime, staying up late and watching Netflix and making sure I get my daily scripture readings in the hours can pile up and you'll find yourself just not in a position of restfulness and readiness to enter into a deep peaceful sleep.

We spend a third of our lives asleep yet it's still something that we're not very good at. As adults, we're supposed to be getting seven hours of sleep a night. If you're honest when was the last time you did that? I've taken some steps recently to try and improve my sleep quality and it seems to be working so far so I thought I'd share some of my tips as it's most definitely something that many of us struggle with but it's something that is so important for our health and wellbeing. Plus sleep is great so who wouldn't want to learn how to do it better?

Photos taken in Belfast Shirt is gifted from VOXI UK,  Backpack from Madlug, Beanie from OutsideIn, Jacket is thrifted

Wake up!

As important as going to sleep early is, the best way, I find, to feel more rested, is to keep your wake up time constant (yes, even at weekends!). I use a smart alarm so it'll wake me up between 7 and 7.30 every morning. At the start it was a chore but eventually getting up early becomes easy! Your body clock will get used to the wake-up time (I forgot to set an alarm a few days ago but still got up at 7am just because my body knew it had to) and you'll feel so much more refreshed having more time to get ready in the mornings. Don't view your 10am classes as an excuse to lie in, treat them as a way to appreciate your morning without the rush.

Don't drink caffeine after 12pm
This is one I still definitely don't do all the time but by cutting out on caffeine completely or by limiting your consumption to just a little pick me up in the morning it'll definitely help your sleep. I've had coffees at 2pm before and I've still felt the effects late into the night. Drink sleepy tea or a glass of water before bed instead.

I'm still really bad at this but try not to be on your laptop or your phone late into the evening. If a message comes in, it's still going to be there in the morning. Stop being so instant with everything, take a break from your screen and read a book or journal instead! Give your eyes a rest before you close them for the night.

Don't nap!
Y'all are gonna hate me for this one but don't take naps. I managed to last almost 21 years of life without taking a nap (excluding my baby years). One day I was super tired and nodded off and I felt awful afterwards. If you feel the urge to nap try and do something else productive instead, tidy your room, sort out your closet, read a book, do some homework whatever but try not to nap. You'll sleep so much better in the night if you've not been sleeping during the day.

Count sheep or something like that
Well maybe don't count sheep but find some way to keep your mind active. You've I love lists and facts and quizzes so my favourite way to get to sleep is by making a-z lists in my head. Don't make them too easy or too complicated, try something like flowers, or colours, or characters from a series. My personal favourite is Eurovision songs! (I'm still yet to complete it.) By keeping your mind focused on something mundane it'll help you fall asleep. I swear by this technique and it's helped me fall asleep in so many places such as camping and in residential dormitories. This might not work for you but find your thing and roll with it.

Stick at it
It takes a minimum of 21 days (but studies recently have shown it can take up to 60) to form a habit so if you're not finding that you're sleeping better straight away don't give up and revert back to your old ways, keep at it and eventually you should see the fruits of your labour.

What are your top sleep tips?

Photos taken in Belfast Shirt is gifted from VOXI UK,  Backpack from Madlug, Beanie from OutsideIn, Jacket and Jeans thrifted, Booties are super old so no longer available.

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