Don't Be Scared of 'Blavy'

11 Mar 2019

Controversial opinion alert!! Black and Navy IS cool! I hear so many people so often not wearing things because they're black and navy but I'm here to tell you to not give in to the peer pressure surrounding you and the overarching presence of people telling you that you can't wear black and navy together because you totally can!

I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but I wear black and navy (or blavy as it's more affectionately called) on a regular basis and lemme tell you I'm a fan.

I wear these Navy checked trousers from Monki with my black trench literally ALL THE TIME and that's not even my limit. I've worn navy sweatshirts with black jeans, I wear black boots with dark denim, there's been navy flannel over black vests, and I've even worn navy shoes with black tights. there is no limit to the blavy. So don't be scared of blavy, embrace the blavy, let's start a blavy revolution!!! (I've definitely said blavy too much in the post but it's what it deserves)

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