Wearing the Trousers (Literally)

27 Mar 2019

I've spent a long time curating my style, in my teenage years I went through a phase of wanting to dress how everyone else was dressing, followed by a period of dressing how I felt people expected me to dress but now I've found a style that I really love and lemme tell you all about it. 

It's trousers. How groundbreaking! 

It feels like I turn up to church every week in a new pair of trousers and every week someone will compliment me on my trousers, so I feel like I'm in a good place to give some recommendations on my favourite places to buy my trousers as well as some that I'm currently crushing on!

I blaaaddy love Monki, It's scandi-european style on a budget and honestly what could be better? I swear by Monki's jeans so if you're after a new pair of jeans I definitely recommend checking out Monki's Kimomo selection.

This is the best place to get staple pieces for your wardrobe, it can be on the slightly more pricey end but you're guaranteed something that you can wear and wear again!

I'm forever bitter that we don't have a Bershka store in Northern Ireland but it's probably low-key a good thing for my bank account because I would never be out of it if we did! But Bershka is always a store I can count on to deliver me with all my latest style needs and I always make a point of going everytime I'm abroad.

New Look
Has there ever been a style of clothes you haven't been able to buy in New Look? if your budget is a little bit more limited you can always pick up something cute from New Look, ALWAYS

Also TK Maxx is worth checking out because you can usually snatch up some cute and unique pieces from there

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