Are AirPods Worth The Hype?

8 Sept 2020

I recently decided to upgrade my laptop from my 2017 MacBook Air to a 2020 13" MacBook Pro because while I hate to be that person who claims that expensive laptops are essential, for my way of life and job and freelance things my air just really wasn't cutting it for me anymore and I needed more memory and a better processor so I dropped the huge amount of cash and I'm still a little sad about it. "But Alice, I thought this was a review about AirPods" I hear you ask and you would be correct because as I got education pricing it also came with a free pair of AirPods. Now I would never normally drop £150 on a pair of earphones but since I was getting them for free I was not going to say no! Before I begin I'm not a tech expert AT ALL so this is definitely not a professional opinion, just some thoughts from little old me.

Ease of Use

Once I've connected my AirPods to my laptop all I need to do is take them out of the case and put them into my ears and they work right away and then when you're done you just take them out and put them away and the audio will return to your laptop. I have a Samsung phone so it's a little different that way but it's still easy enough to connect to my phone via Bluetooth. My fave feature is that you can literally just take one of them out of your ears and the music/show that you're watching will just pause for you.

Freedom to Roam

I still actually use my wired earphones in my phone when I'm listening to audiobooks at night but during the day being able to do things while listening to music or podcasts and not needing to carry your phone/laptop with you is a game-changer! I can make dinner or do the washing up without deafening everyone else with my music in the process!

They just look cool

Not to sound shallow but I always just feel so cool when I walk about with my AirPods in. I have a lot of zoom meetings with my work and it always makes me feel cooler than I am when I'm sat there with my AirPods in. Pure vanity but fun nonetheless. I haven't really noticed much difference in terms of sound quality compared to normal earphones but at least they look cool.

So, are AirPods worth the hype? I'd probably say no as I definitely wouldn't pay full price for them no matter how cool they make me look but if you can somehow snag them for cheaper of for free (like I did) then they're definitely worth getting! Have you use AirPods before? I'm curious to know your thoughts!

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