Why I'm Taking Part in Digital Detox Day

4 Sept 2020

This Saturday (5th September) is Digital Detox Day which is a campaign run by mental health charity IAMWHOLE founded by Jordan Stephens from Rizzle Kicks in association with Zoe Sugg (both of whom I love) and it's an initiative all about taking just one day to switch off our devices and spend 24 hours away from the hustle and bustle of social media and I am personally SO FOR IT!

A few months ago I actually had a digital detox day myself when I was just getting so overwhelmed by the noise of social media that I switched off my devices for 24 hours and it was honestly the loveliest time. I wrote a post on my experiences here.

I'm so excited for this project because digital detox days are something that I definitely don't take enough of but as my entire livelihood is online sometimes it can be hard to step away from that and relinquish control but I always find it so worthwhile every time I do. I've also taken to leaving my phone upstairs whenever I'm downstairs which is a really simple change that you can make to become less reliant on your devices.

There are different ways to go about this. Some people may just want to not go on social media, some might just switch off their phone or some may want to just fully unplug all of their devices. I fall in the last category because I find the temptation of social media too strong even when I'm just watching a movie on Netflix (I've literally checked my socials about 20 times while I've been writing this post) but you can do whatever works for you!

As part of this Digital Detox Day initiative, IAMWHOLE has been hosting panel discussions and Jamie Laing said a really interesting point which has really resonated with me so I just wanted to share it with you all. He said that we follow people of social media who we think are better than us and that's so true! No matter how uplifting and positive we try to make the content that we create and consume, the main reason why we decide to follow someone is due to how much we enjoy their content in a way of "that's so cool!" or "I could never do that" and that's such a dangerous mindset. I love my Instagram feed and I love all of the accounts that I follow but even then you can end up comparing your life to someone whose life you don't even know!

I was initially so ready for this but then I realised that Saturday is my Granda's 90th birthday party and I'm going to want to document it and I'm going to want to do this and do that but I realised that there's really no better way that I can celebrate my Granda than by just being there and being present. I'm bringing my camera with me anyway so I'll always have those photos and I can just update everyone on that the next day!

So how am I planning on spending the rest of my digital detox day? I want to read some more, I've been reading a lot lately anyway but being fully free from distractions just really helps you to get lost in the story. I'll also see if my family are up for playing a board game because that could be fun! We've also just been gifted a new jigsaw so I can see myself giving it a go as well. The possibilities are endless!

If you're big into your baths (I'm not!) Zoe has also released a bath bomb with Lush with profits going directly to support mental health charities so that's another great way that you could spend your day.

You can see more about Digital Detox Day in this video produced by IAMWHOLE and I highly encourage you to participate if you can!

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