Learning Danish With LearnLanguages24

14 Sept 2020


It's a truth universally acknowledged that I'm a tad obsessed with Denmark (it's probably bordering on unhealthy). I have Copenhagen practically everywhere you look in my room. I'm even reading a book right now which is set in Copenhagen like it's properly my favourite place in the world. So I thought to myself, what better use of my time than to properly knuckle done and try to learn some Danish!

I went to a specialist language school so we learned French, Spanish, and German for three years in school so I'm no stranger to learning languages. I even taught myself Italian a few years ago at the height of my Il Volo obsession but I've since forgotten most of it, though I've definitely retained the absolute essentials. I also watch so much Spanish TV I'm surprised that I'm not fluent yet!

Learning languages is such a fun thing to do as well because not only is it a good way to pass some time but you also get a new skill out of it. It's something that I've actually been doing for many years using Duolingo. I had a 950-day streak on Duolingo before I lost it at a camping trip which promptly led to me and the Duolingo owl to have a bit of a falling out. That's why I was so excited when LearnLaanguages24 reached out and offered me the chance to learn Danish once and for all.

LearnLanguages24 have 80 different languages that you can learn in a really great and concise course which enables you to learn using a long-term memory method ensuring that all those words stay fixed in your brain. It also gives you the opportunity to speak out the words to get your tongue used to the pronunciation. Danish is especially difficult, partly due to how accustomed I am to hearing Norwegian from watching Skam. You're also able to go at your own pace and there's no pressure to learn every single day.

I'm really enjoying learning through LearnLanguages24 so I put together a nice little video for you all to show how I typically use LearnLanguages24 in a day to give you a bit of a taste if you're interested.

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