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28 Sept 2020


I bloody love receiving cards and letters and my absolute favourite place to buy cards is on thortful. Thortful is an online marketplace where you can support local independent creators of celebration cards and they have such a fun collection. This isn't even an ad I literally just LOVE thortful!

I've been using thortful for years and I've also been recommending it to friends for years but somehow I've never actually done a post about them so I decided that now was the appropriate time to rectify that! I've literally sent my friends so many thortful cards that I'm now starting to receive them back! I posted my aff link on Instagram one time and it's by far the most popular one I've ever posted so you're most definitely in for a treat!

One of my favourite things about thorful is the range of style of card like there's an opportunity to customise your card by sending it with a chocolate bar, a make your own cake kit, or even a pair of socks which is something that I've availed of for friends birthdays when they've been away at uni and I won't see them in person. You can order them to your house and send them on or you can customise and write them online and get them sent directly to their recipients, you can even store your friends birthdays in a calendar and it'll remind you to send them a card.

There are literally so many cards to choose from but I thought I'd share a selection of some of my favourites with you just to give you a little taster of all that thortful has to offer!

Cards Inspired By Your Favourite Shows

These are some of my favourites! If you'd ever wanted to celebrate your friends by sharing in your favourite shows look no further than thortful's vast collection.

There are so many more options than this but I just had to select a few. You can search for a movie or tv show in the search box and it'll show you cards from that show/movie.

Just Some Cute Ones

While the themed cards are super fun there are also just some generic cards which can be equally as fun. Just look at how cute these ones are.

If the cutesy cards aren't your thing, there is also a vast selection of not quite PG cards that I'm always a bit scared to send to my friends but I'm sure would make a fab addition to anyone's card collection.

Best of British

There are so many cards that just appeal to the British sense of humour and state of mind such as these ones that will instantly appeal to any British person!

You can buy only one card or you can buy a box of different ones which is what I usually do as I like to have a selection to choose from. I did, however, go overboard on the Brooklyn 99 cards the last time and now I've got no one left to give them to so be careful not to get too carried away!

I could honestly go all day sharing cards with you but the best thing to do is to look for yourself and see if you can find something that suits you. You can get 30% off your first order by using this link* No matter what occasion you're looking for, I'm sure you'll find a card that tickles your fancy!

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